Self-defense means not requiring permission

In life, there are situations when you have to defend yourself from intruders. Not every ordinary citizen is able to go hand to hand against them, but not every weapon for self-defense is available at the legislative level in Russia. Next, the facts regarding the availability of self-defense means that do not require permission will be considered.

Non-licensed civilian self-defense weapon

High voltage stun gun

The weapons for self-defense, which can be purchased in a specialized store without special permission, include the following types:

  • Stun guns
  • Pepper and gas cans
  • Rubber Sticks (PR)
  • Spark gap
  • Signaling devices
  • Gas guns
  • Airguns up to 4.5 mm
  • Residential knives
  • Spearfishing weapons

Self-defense weapons without a license and special storage requirements can be purchased by anyone over the age of 18 upon presentation of an identity document.

Effective self-defense without a license

The most effective self-defense remedies allowed are stun guns, aerosol sprays and air guns.

Pepper spray for protection

Spray cans and aerosols

Spray cans and spray guns are the simplest weapon that is quite popular when used by women. They are of three types: gas, pepper, nerve and paralytic. This is the best means of self-defense in terms of ease of use, which can explain its popularity among ordinary people. Other advantages of this type of civilian weapon are:

  • low cost available to everyone;
  • ease of use not only in physical but also in psychological terms: not every person has the courage to shoot another person, even an attacker, from a weapon. The situation with the use of an aerosol is different; spraying from a spray can is always easier.
  • light weight and compact dimensions, thanks to which the can easily fits in a handbag or pocket.

Choosing this tool, you must take into account the features of its use: firstly, the aerosol always needs to be sprayed immediately, only pulled out of a pocket or bag. If you delay, you can not only not scare the enemy, but also anger him or provoke him to begin to act even more decisively. Secondly, you can not spray pepper or another type of spray can in a confined space (in the entrance, apartment, elevator), while you can suffer along with the attacker. Thirdly, when spraying, it is necessary to take into account the direction of the wind in order to deliberately put gas from the cylinder into the enemy’s face. If you ignore this fact, you can also suffer personally.


A threatening type of pneumatic weapon, similar to a firearm, has a strong psychological effect on an attacker. The air gun is not so powerful as to cause serious harm to human health, therefore, special permission is not required to carry it. To seriously injure the enemy, you need to shoot from pneumatics at point blank range, which is quite difficult, given the rapid development of events and the lack of preparedness of the defender. Due to the heavy body, the air gun can be used when striking manually. You can not carry such a weapon in sight or in an open bag so that someone could quietly pull it out. It should be remembered that this weapon can be used against you if it falls into the hands of an attacker in an attack.

Stun gun

A stun gun is a device with two wiring between which an electric discharge occurs during the actuation of a weapon. There are many models, even with the ability to control the current strength. The power of the discharge of the stun gun can unbalance an adult.

The advantages of such a civilian self-defense weapon are:

  • Elimination of the enemy by immobilizing him for a short but sufficient period of time in order to hide from his sight.
  • Models capable of firing with electrodes are capable of hitting a target from a distance of 4 meters.

Despite the fact that the device does not require special skills of use, it has its drawbacks:

  • To achieve a damaging effect, direct contact with an attacker is necessary, which is often difficult to achieve.
  • It is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the batteries, so that at the wrong time, do not finally anger the attacker with a non-working stun gun.
  • In winter, the shocker will not have the proper effect with self-defense, since it is difficult to break through a thick layer of winter clothing with a charge.

Means of individual self-defense without a license

Less popular, but no less effective, are weapons such as Strike. This is a means of self-defense, combining a gun and a gas spray. It is charged with capsules with a special liquid. The weapon works flawlessly in any weather, firing range up to five meters. In addition, the gun is compact, it can be carried in a bag, and a directed shot allows you to use it in a closed room without risk of harming yourself. Among the shortcomings can be noted the need for an accurate sight on the enemy, also the weapon is not suitable for use with the left hand, and when buying low-quality charges there is a risk of misfires, loss or leaking capsules.

"Wasp" - a weapon that affects an attacker through sound and light. In this case, the person is unbalanced. Such weapons can blind and stun not only one, but also a group of people. The only thing to consider is that with careless use, you can suffer yourself. In principle, this fact applies to the careless use of any weapon.

A pocket siren is a publicly available tool designed to draw attention to the situation and frighten off an attacker.

Homemade Self Defense Tools

Wooden club

In the absence of the ability or desire to buy special weapons for self-defense, you can use homemade self-defense tools. For this purpose, you can convert "for yourself" an ordinary kitchen knife. But, at the same time, it should be clearly understood that in case of serious consequences during self-defense, such weapons can acquire the status of cold weapons. Instead, you can use other types of homemade weapons:

  • Wooden club. It is easy to do it yourself, it does not attract attention, especially when it is in the car in case of a sudden attack.
  • Yavara is a wooden pointed stick long wider than a palm. She can deal very painful blows to the attacker. It is convenient in that it can be discreetly carried in a purse, with keys or in your pocket.
  • A paintbrush is a wooden stick of convenient size with a chain and a load on its end. For convenience, a rope can be made on the other end of the stick to be threaded into the hand.

In addition, you can carry a screwdriver, opener, fork, scissors with you for self-defense. If you didn’t get confused and pull yourself together in time, you can repulse the attacker with ordinary keys, aiming him in the face. The main thing is to act sharply and immediately.

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