Fish dryer with fan

A dehydrator, or a dryer for fish or meat, is a thing that many fishermen and hunters need to use as one way to process their prey. In order not to spend money on an industrial design, a fish dryer can be made with your own hands with minimal financial costs.

Types of Dryers

DIY fish dryer

Of course, the most inexpensive option for a dehydrator is an ordinary clothesline, on which a fish is strung and placed somewhere under the roof or on the balcony. For all its simplicity, this option does not exclude the infection of fish during drying by the larvae of various insects, as well as from hatching by flies. Therefore, the most practical and food-safe dryers always have a construction with walls that protect the prey from flies, other insects and contaminants from the street, but contribute in one way or another to free air circulation. By design, dryers for fish or meat are different:

  • Outboard
  • Collapsible
  • Stationary
  • With fan

Hanging dryers differ from stationary ones in that, in accordance with their name, they are suspended from the wall, so you can adjust their height and position, which is convenient when choosing the most suitable place for the amount of sun or wind. Collapsible dryers are very convenient in that they can be disassembled for compact storage at a time when they are not in use. In addition, they are mobile, and during long fishing, the catch can be immediately placed in the dryer directly on the shore of the reservoir. All of these dryers are designed to dry fish outdoors. What to do if there is no such possibility, or should fish be dehydrated in winter? In this case, a dryer for meat and fish with a fan will help, which is quite simple to do with your own hands.

DIY fish dryer with fan

Fish Meat Dryer with Fan

In order to make a dryer with a fan, you will need the following materials:

  • Plastic container with a lid. You can use a plastic box for children's toys.
  • Hood with grille for output. Sufficient fan power is 280 cubic meters. Instead of a ventilation hood, you can use a cooler from a PC.
  • Threaded rod on M8 or M6, metal rods with a diameter of 3 mm can also be used.
  • Nuts, washers, bolts.

The sequence of work on the manufacture of a dehydrator is as follows:

  1. At the bottom of the box, on its short side, it is necessary to mark the place with a marker for mounting the ventilation hood. The place for fixing the grill for the hood is also marked, it is best if it is located on the lid. If this is not possible, it is built in on the opposite side of the fan in its upper part. Holes can be cut with a jigsaw, a circular saw-saw blade of a suitable diameter, or use a drill with a thin drill: holes are drilled around the circumference of the circle, then the bridges between them are removed with a regular knife. If you heat the knife blade, the plastic will cut easier.
  2. The fan and the grill for the hood are installed in the prepared holes, fixed to the walls of the box with fasteners. The grill can be planted on liquid nails.
  3. Next, you need to mark the location of the holes for the rod, which will hold the fish or pieces of meat during drying. To do this, masking tape is glued around the perimeter of the box, and marking is already applied to it. The holes are drilled with a screwdriver or drill. Another option for attaching the bar for drying is using duralumin corners. They are fixed on the long sides of the container with the shelf down, fastened with bolts, and through holes for the bar are arranged on the shelves of the corners. Using these corners, several rows can be made inside the dryer.
  4. The threaded rod is cut into the required number of bars of the desired length using a hacksaw for metal.
  5. The rods are inserted into the holes, fixed with nuts and washers. If you need to dry something roomy, you can unscrew the nuts and remove the rods.
  6. The fish is strung on rods through the eyes or clings to hooks and hung on the rods. Then the container is closed with a lid, the fan is turned on, the box is placed in any convenient place for several days.
Fish Meat Dryer with Fan

Such a dehydrator is universal, as it is used not only for drying fish, but it is also a dryer for meat, vegetables or fruits. In addition, if you put dense parchment on the rods, you can dry small products - berries and mushrooms. The dryer from the container is quite roomy, airtight, protects the products from the penetration of any insects. The speed of drying the products will depend on what temperature is outside the dehydrator. You can modify such a dryer if you install a special adapter-timer for setting the operating time, as well as a device that supplies warm air inside.

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