Beer can burner

The idea of ​​an alcohol burner from a can or aluminum can is not new. Such a device has long been used by hunters and fishermen in nature in order to warm up a mug of tea or to cook food without making a fire, and in domestic conditions, an alcohol lamp for these same purposes often helps when the power is turned off. An alcohol burner from a can is made very simply, and if you experiment with its modification, you can adjust the height of the flames, the duration of combustion, as well as the amount of heat generated during combustion of the fuel. On how to make a burner with your own hands, you can find out more.

DIY beer can burner

Can burner

To make the simplest spirit lamp, you will need two aluminum cans of beer or any sparkling water. To prevent the burner from beer cans from smoking and not melting when burning, it is necessary to clean its surface with sandpaper to get rid of the paint. Then you need to cut off part of each of the cans, about 3 cm from the bottom, with a clerical knife. The cut line should be flat, so you can use a marker mounted on a plank 3 cm high to draw this line, or fix the clerical knife in a vice, while twisting the jar, cutting off its necessary part. The sharp edges of the cut part need to be processed with sandpaper.

The resulting two identical parts of the cans must be connected by inserting one into the other. Since they have an equal diameter, the connection can be difficult because insert one into the other so that there is no gap between them. Since aluminum is easily amenable to deformation, before you cut the second billet, you can pull the cut, finished part of the future spirit lamp onto the bottom of a whole can, thus expanding its edges to the desired diameter.

After both parts are connected, around the perimeter of the upper part of the spirit lamp you need to make holes with an awl or a drill of 1-2 mm. They can get 18-20 pieces with the same distance between them. In order for the flames to rise, the edges of the holes need to be slightly bent up. At the top of the burner, you need to make several holes of 3 mm diameter for pouring alcohol and adjusting the internal pressure of the container.

Alcohol can be simply poured into the burner, or a cotton pad can be placed there so that it is saturated with it.

A do-it-yourself beer can burner works very simply: 30 ml of alcohol is poured inside, the inlets in the center of the top are closed with a coin. The bottom of the spirit lamp warms up with a match, the alcohol vapor lights up, forming flames that exit the holes made around the perimeter.

Beer can burner

To make it convenient to heat water or food on the burner, you need to make a stand for dishes. To do this, use a slightly larger jar, for example, from canned food. On it you need to mark two lines: one at the height of the burner, the second at height, twice the length of the burner. The top of the can is cut off, and its walls are divided into 12 vertical incisions. Of this number, you need to leave six pieces, cutting off the excess through one. In the center of the bottom, you need to make a hole for heating, and bend the remaining strips inward to the bottom. The stand is ready, it remains only to place an alcohol burner inside it.

Tin can burner

Tin can burner

In addition to using beer aluminum cans, an alcohol lamp can be made from a regular can. A burner made from a tin can of coffee or brewed tea with a tight-fitting lid is also excellent.

The principle of manufacturing a burner from a can is similar to that described above:

  1. Several holes are made in the lid for pouring alcohol.
  2. Next, you need to make holes along the diameter of the upper edge of the can at a distance of 1-1.5 cm. They should have a diameter of about 1 mm and the edges bent up at an angle. This is necessary so that the alcohol vapor goes up.
  3. The cans are ignited in the same way as beer cans, with pre-closed openings at the top using a coin.

In principle, an open alcohol burner can be made; for this, a lid is not needed. To do this, insert a tin plate rolled into it in a circle with a diameter smaller than the walls of the can. Inside the resulting circle in the center, alcohol is poured and set on fire.

As with any combustible substance, handling alcohol requires caution. You can’t fill the can to the top with it, otherwise it may explode. In addition to alcohol, it is not recommended to use other types of fuel. The burner can not be installed at home on the table, because it can catch fire, and in general, when using the spirit lamp in everyday life, it is necessary to use a stand for both the burner itself and the dishes. To extinguish the spirit lamp, it is necessary to stop the access of oxygen to the burning vapors of alcohol, for this you can cover it with a tin lid on top. It is not allowed to use a torch to heat small synthetic tents.

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