How to make a spear with your own hands: from wood and paper?

The spear is the oldest weapon for hunting animals and fish, as well as a means of self-defense. In the modern world, it can be used as a means of survival in the wild, so the skills to make a spear can be useful to everyone. The simplest weapons can be made from a wooden stick, the tip of which is sharpened and burned at the stake. The spear consists of a pole, a striking element (tip), and a mount for the hand. About how you can make a spear with your own hands, you can find out more.

How to make a spear from a tree

Spear for hunting

A tree is used for the shaft, which can be found and cleaned with your own hands, or purchased. A solid material is used for the tip - metal or stone. The simplest weapon does not have such an edge, it is wooden. The hand mount is necessary so that the spear does not slip out of the hand during use, however this is not an obligatory element. Usually, a strap made of fabric, leather or ordinary rope is used for fastening.

A wooden spear can be made in three versions: from a stick with a pointed end, from a stick with an iron tip attached to it, or from a stick with a point.

At home, it is very simple to make any of the above types. To make an ordinary wooden spear, you need an even branch of the desired length and diameter. The length should correspond to the height of the person or a few centimeters exceed it. The optimal diameter of the spear is 2.5-3 cm. For the manufacture of the spear it is better to use strong woods - ash or oak, which must be cleaned and polished as much as possible. It is not recommended to use aspen because the shaft is too soft, knotty and brittle . When a suitable branch is found, its end is sharpened with an ax or knife with movements from itself. If possible, it is better to prepare the shaft so that it is more durable: for this you need to soak it in water and leave to dry for about a month. It is necessary to harden the spear point over the diluted fire, gradually turning it until it turns black. There is no need to be afraid that the spear will burn, the fire only dries the tree, making it stronger, harder and, at the same time, lighter.

Spear tip

Tips that attach to the gun separately are more effective than just the pointed end of a stick. To make a spear with an iron tip, you need to find a dead tree, cut an even branch with a diameter of 2.5 cm from it. It is carefully cleaned, at the place where the knife will be attached as a point, a bed is made or a depth of half a branch. Often in the household there is a shovel from a shovel or other equipment, which can also be used as a shaft for a tool. To attach the knife, use a rope or thin rope. To make it more convenient to wind the rope around the tip, you can attach one end of it to the tree, and wind the second around the stick, fixing the tip from the knife. You need to do this by moving a certain distance so that the rope stretches and wraps tightly around the spear. If necessary, you can make a second layer of the winding.

To give greater strength to the tip, you can harden it on an open fire.

Often, in conditions of survival, it is not possible to use the knife as a tip for a spear due to its absence or to perform other functions. In this case, instead of a knife, you can use tin from a can or sharp stone. Better if it will be flint. If there is a desire and opportunity, the tip can be made independently: for this you need to take a sheet of metal, apply a sketch of the tip to it and cut it with a hacksaw for metal. The length and width of the tip depend on the size of the spear.

Another type of spear is made from a stick and an acquired metal tip, which can be bought at a specialty store (weapons). Often purchased finished tips are not sharp enough, so additional sharpening of the tip will not be superfluous. In this case, you need to choose a branch suitable for the diameter of the tip or sharpen it under it. The end of the stick, on which the tip will be worn, must be narrowed for a more secure fit. At the same time, you need to make sure that the gap between the stick and the tip is not too large, otherwise it will hang on it. If, however, it turned out that way, you need to make a hole with a drill on the tip and fasten it on a stick with a nail.

How to make a spear out of paper

If you need to make a spear for role-playing games, you can use a simple way to make a spear out of paper. To make it, you need to do the following:

Paper spear
  • Take a sheet of thick paper, fold it in half, then again in half.
  • Straighten the fold, fold the corners of the paper inward toward the center, then again, as in the manufacture of a paper airplane.
  • From the bottom edge of the paper you need to do the same, but fold the corners to the center only once.
  • The upper edge is again folded corners to the center. The lower corners should be under the upper, which are sealed with tape.
  • You can also make a paper shaft by twisting several sheets of paper into a tube and sticking them with tape, or you can use a thin stick such as a wooden skewer. The shaft is inserted in the center of the paper tip, fastened with tape or glue.
  • To fix the paper tip with the base, while decorating the joint between them, you can wrap a strip of colored paper around it in several turns, fix the end with glue or tape.

Thus, it is very simple to make a spear with your own hands for various purposes of use from any materials at home or in the field. At the same time, it is not necessary to make each of its constituent parts, both the shaft and the tips can be used in finished form, purchased specifically for this purpose or used again after other tools.

How to make a spear out of paper: video

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