What can not be done during a thunderstorm: rules of conduct?

Natural elements are unpredictable and not always safe. Thunderstorm is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena, since during it there is a powerful electric discharge that can cause fires, accidents with injuries and deaths. In most cases, a thunderstorm is a danger to humans only if they do not comply with safety rules. You can find out further what to do during a thunderstorm, what danger it carries for a person.

What to do in a thunderstorm

Thunderstorm is a very dangerous phenomenon.

The approach of one of the most dangerous natural phenomena can be envisaged in order to be able to take refuge and protect oneself from possible consequences. First of all, it is necessary to monitor the formation of powerful cumulus, tower-like clouds, the development of clouds. The direction of the wind will not give an obvious understanding, since a thunderstorm often moves against the wind. During a thunderstorm, the direction of the wind usually changes abruptly, there is complete calmness or a sharp barrage, after which it begins to rain. But a thunderstorm can begin without precipitation. Other harbingers of the approaching thunderstorm are:

  • High level of air humidity. This can be seen by how long the dew on the grass lasts.
  • Low flying birds and especially aggressive insects.
  • Decrease in atmospheric air pressure.
  • Stuffy air

To determine the speed of approaching thunderclouds, you need to orientate yourself in time from the beginning of lightning flashes to the sound of thunder in seconds. The shorter this period, the closer the thunderstorm. And by reducing or increasing the intervals between flashes and peals, one can judge the approach or removal of thunderclouds. Given the speed of sound propagation in air, it is possible to judge the passage of sound one kilometer in three seconds. Thus, it is possible to calculate the approximate amount of time that remains in order to find refuge for a period of bad weather. The most dangerous condition is when there is no time gap between the flash of lightning and the thunder.

Do not be in open areas during thunderstorms

There are several rules for what to do if a thunderstorm catches up unexpectedly, and what to do to avoid unhappiness:

  1. Avoid open terrain. As a rule, lightning hits the highest point in the terrain. If you are in a field during a thunderstorm, the highest point will be a person.
  2. Water is an excellent conductor of current. Therefore, during a thunderstorm, you need to stay away from water.
  3. It is advisable to get rid of any metal products on the body, clothes, other things, putting them at a distance of five meters from yourself. An umbrella opened above your head can serve as a target for a lightning strike.
  4. You need to move around in a calm manner, especially in open areas.
  5. Disconnect all radio, household appliances, TV, other electrical appliances in the house from the network.
  6. If life is in danger or you are in places where there are no settlements, you must contact the rescue service of the Ministry of Emergencies.

What can not be done during a thunderstorm

Never stand under lonely trees during a thunderstorm.

In accordance with the above, it is possible to determine the rules of what should not be done during a thunderstorm:

  1. You can’t hide under lonely standing objects in an open area - a tree, a high-voltage pillar, other high buildings located in a great distance from others.
  2. Use a mobile phone, especially at a great distance from houses, other buildings. This is due to the fact that electromagnetic waves attract an electric discharge, and there are known cases of lightning falling into the mobile phone of a person who was talking on it at that time. However, in urban environments such cases are rare.
  3. To ride a bike in an open area.
  4. Do not cuddle or be in another close proximity to metal objects on the street.
  5. Do not immediately shelter from the rain. If the clothes are wet, there is less chance that lightning will strike than if it is dry.
  6. Do not lie on the ground or run away from a thunderstorm while in an open area. In the first case, striking the ground, lightning can touch a person, and in the second, he becomes a kind of fast moving target.
  7. Talk on the phone with a wired connection, because lightning can get between the stretched wires of the poles.
  8. During a thunderstorm, you should not approach the electrical wiring, lightning rod, roof drainpipes, television or radio antenna, and it is also not recommended to stand near an open window.

Where you can not be during a thunderstorm

Thunderstorm in the open

If a sudden element catches up, but you can still choose a shelter, you should keep in mind the places where you can not be during a thunderstorm:

  1. Do not be in open areas
  2. Located inside and near water bodies.
  3. On the tops of cliffs and other hills.

What to do if there is a thunderstorm

Since the elements are unpredictable, and there are places that provoke a person to be struck by lightning, you should know what to do during a thunderstorm, being in an unsafe place.

In the woods

Thunderstorm in the forest

If you are in a forest during a thunderstorm, you should avoid the proximity of trees such as oak, pine, poplar. According to statistics, it is they who most often attract lightning discharges, for this reason forest fires occur because of them. It is necessary to find a short section of the forest and hide there, squatting down, and taking the pose of the embryo. The trees themselves are natural lightning rods, so avoid standing next to tall trees.

The ideal option to protect yourself is to find a site with stunted trees and dense crowns, to hide between them, sitting on the ground.

If it is necessary to move at the same time, you need to do this without leaving them further than the height of the crowns. You can not choose places for shelter near trees previously struck by lightning. The soil around them indicates high electrical conductivity, which means the likelihood of a repeated lightning strike. In addition, during an overnight stay in a thunderstorm, you can’t put up a tent in an open area, or sit near a fire, because smoke conducts electricity very well.

In field

Thunderstorm in the field

If there is a thunderstorm in the field, you need to hide in some kind of depression - a ravine, a hole, you need to squat down, bending your head to your knees. You need to try to stay away from tall single objects and structures at a distance of at least 200 meters. You can not use the phone and any metal products, so as not to attract lightning discharges. When in the field, you should know that clay soil is more dangerous than rocky or sandy. Therefore, in no case should you lie on the ground if it is clay.

On the water

Thunderstorm on the water

It’s especially dangerous to be near a reservoir in a thunderstorm, but if it so happened that you didn’t have time to leave the beach, you should make immediate attempts to do this, and even more so, immediately get out of the water. If you are inside the boat, you should immediately go ashore, if this is impossible, you need to change into dry clothes, drain the boat, make a tent from the shelter by covering it with a life jacket, a circle, rubber boots, and other insulating objects around and underneath. Awning should protect the boat from the penetration of water, but do not touch the surface of the reservoir.

In a private house

Thunderstorm hits the roof of a private house

High-rise buildings are protected from lightning by lightning rods, but frequent and garden houses are in danger. To avoid danger, it is necessary to take measures:

  • Close all windows and doors. Inside the house can get ball lightning.
  • Disconnect all electrical appliances, radios from the mains.
  • Stop heating the stove, close the chimney.
  • Disable all communications
  • Move away from windows, doorways, metal objects, sockets.

On road

Thunderstorm on the road

If a thunderstorm is found while traveling by car, you need to stop moving away from solitary objects and desert terrain. You should close all windows, hide the antenna, turn off the radio, navigator, and cellular communications. Do not touch metal objects inside the machine, including door handles.

In the mountains

Thunderstorm in the mountains

When in a mountainous area, you should immediately go down from the hills, move away from gutters and waterfalls, it is best to stand under a plumb line that is 5-6 times higher than a person's height. Stand no closer than 2 meters to the plumb line. Shelter in crevices and caves is also suitable, but no closer than two meters from the walls. During a thunderstorm, you can not lean against the walls of the rock and pick up metal equipment.

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