How to make a cache in the forest

The concept of "caches" is used in two meanings: a place for shelter and a hiding place, within which are stored the reserves of long-term survival, or autonomous existence. In the first case, a cache is made in order to be able to hide in the forest during an emergency, for example, military operations, and more or less comfortable to wait a while. In the second case, a stash is a stumble in the forest with food for long-term storage and items for survival in the wild. You can learn more about how to make a caches in the forest.

Cache in the forest

Hunting stash made of wood

Conventionally, three types of forest caches can be distinguished: commercial (hunting shed), caches of autonomous existence and for survival. Hunting sheds are made on the way of the hunter's movement during the fishing period so as not to constantly carry a large amount of food and objects necessary for hunting. He is hidden in the ground, placed inside a plastic barrel or on high poles, making a cache of wood.

Cron for autonomous existence is often confused with a cache for survival, which is laid by tourists, climbers, extreme travelers. A survival cron, or emergency bookmark, is a cache that is filled with necessary items (food and equipment) that are used only once, so as not to carry all things and food with you throughout the route or when you need to replenish supplies with something vital with his loss. A cache in the forest for an autonomous existence is larger and more serious reserves, designed to provide themselves with food, means for building a home, and other items for a long period of life away from civilization. The amount of stock depends on the expected life, there are caches of autonomous existence, designed for life without the benefits of civilization up to 5-20 years.

How to choose a place for a cache

Unsuitable place - berries will attract a lot of people

A place for a hunting farm should be located on the fishing route. Emergency caches should be laid in places that meet the following requirements:

  • There should be a source of water nearby - a spring, stream, lake or other body of water. It is advisable to have a river nearby for fishing.
  • The place should be located in the wilderness of the forest. It must be a young pine, or spruce forest, which cannot be subject to deforestation for the next 50 years.
  • There should be many trees nearby, if necessary, to provide themselves with firewood and building materials.
  • The land of the location of the cache must be fertile.
  • The place should be located on a hill to avoid possible flooding or complete flooding by rain and melt water.
  • The place for the caches should be located away from the bestial trail.

When a suitable hatching place is found, it can be buried. The best time for this event is late autumn, because this time the appearance of people (mushroom pickers) in the forest is excluded, and the snow that has fallen soon will cover the hatch, freezing food. In addition, following the tracks in the snow, you can immediately see if anyone has approached your cache from the moment of bookmarking.

What to put inside the cache

Stash Content

For a long-term supply, food is needed that does not deteriorate over time. First of all, these are canned foods, sugar and salt. Dry rations, pasta, buckwheat, rice, clean drinking water (at least 5 liters), tea, caramel, should also be inside the bookmark.

In addition, the cache must contain:

  • Items necessary for the manufacture of hunting and fishing tools with the necessary equipment.
  • Stock of seasonal and underwear.
  • Dry fuel, lighter, matches.
  • Bowler, mug, cutlery.
  • First aid kit
  • Alcohol, gasoline, kerosene.
  • Paraffin candles
  • Fishing line, rope.
  • Walkie-talkie, portable radio with battery supply.
  • Seasonings and spices
  • Vinegar, baking soda
  • Plastic wrap, blanket.
  • Scotch tape
In addition, it is recommended to put seeds in order to be able to grow vegetables for nutrition. If the crypt is not intended for autonomous existence for a long time, its composition is identical to NAZ, only it has a larger volume.

How to make a cache in the forest

Suitable barrel for making a cache

Before you make a cache, you need to determine its purpose. Depending on this, the use of a 10-liter plastic can may be sufficient, or there may be a need to dig a substantial cache in the ground.

The process of laying a cache is as follows:

  1. A recess is dug up according to the size of the cache. Along the perimeter of the pit, you need to make another recess, which will serve as a holder for the cache cover.
  2. The lid is made of wooden lags or thick boards.
  3. Products placed inside plastic containers, clothes and other items packed in polyethylene are placed at the bottom of the pit to avoid getting wet.
  4. From above, the cache is hidden by lags that are tied together with a strong rope. Polyethylene is laid on them to protect the boards from decay and water penetration into the cache.

Synchron is covered with turf and foliage. When the snow falls, it will mask the smallest traces, indicating the presence of a cache.

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