Thermal imager for hunting

The thermal imager for hunting is a truly unique and indispensable thing. This device determines the difference in temperature between objects and catches the approximation of an instance of interest. It allows you to detect the animal at an impressive distance (from one to one and a half km) and observe it for a long time. The hunter has the opportunity to move after the victim, without fear of frightening her away. The acquisition of a thermal imager is not a privilege of specialists, but rather a necessity. People who are seriously engaged in hunting will appreciate this amazing invention. Having learned how to use it correctly, you can diversify and improve the quality of your professional activities.

Hunting with a thermal imager

The presence of this device in the hands greatly facilitates the task of the hunter. For example, this device allows you to not stop tracking animals during rain, heavy snow or fog. If there is no such device, for an understandable reason a person has to stop work, transfer it to a more favorable period, when weather conditions will correspond to the task being solved. However, the presence of a thermal imager in the hands changes the situation radically.

Using a thermal imager greatly facilitates the task of the hunter

Even at night, a high-quality thermal imager will depict the silhouette of an animal on a special screen. This is a universal device, which is endowed with great advantages. Although the cost of the thermal imager can not be called cheap, but still the price is quite acceptable for those people who decide to devote themselves to hunting. Every year, devices are becoming more popular and even cheaper. For this reason, they seek to acquire a large number of people. After all, it is much more convenient to act for sure than blindly.

Criterias of choice

Going to the store for a thermal imager, it is important to understand what result to count on. And for this it is necessary to determine in advance what is an acceptable option for a person. The selection criteria depend not so much on personal preferences or material well-being, but on what goals are set for themselves. Consider in more detail what you need to pay attention to when buying.

  1. The quality of the device. Intending to spend a substantial amount of money on the purchase of a thermal imager, you must, of course, make sure that the device is working. The quality of the device is of great importance. It directly depends on how long the thing will last. Otherwise, it will take a very long time to prove to sellers in the store that it was expected to see a completely different result. Before buying, it is important to check the thing for good condition. The perfect condition of the new device guarantees quality. Everything should work without hesitation and complaints. Only after that you can give money to the cashier.
  2. Learning the characteristics. This refers to a detailed acquaintance with important characteristics that are of significant interest to the hunter. For each, these will be their individual requirements. If during the operation it turns out that some important functions are lacking, then the specialist in hunting may suffer bitter disappointment. That is why the study of the characteristics of the purchase should not be neglected. It is necessary to decide in advance what is the desired acquisition and what is not.
  3. Purpose of the purchase. It directly depends on them which model is best to purchase. For example, budget thermal cameras for hunting are quite suitable for someone, especially if the hunter is just starting his activity. The most expensive and best thermal imagers are usually chosen by experienced hunters. Indeed, in any business it is important to develop, and not to stand still. In any case, the objectives of the purchase should be determined in advance.
  4. Warranty service. The purchase of an expensive thing must necessarily be accompanied by the necessary guarantee. Usually it is given for 12 months, but there are expensive goods for which warranty service is accompanied by as much as 3 years or even 5 years. All these factors must be taken into account, intending to make a purchase.

The best thermal imagers for hunting

Different models of thermal imagers differ among themselves not only in quality, but also in additional functions. Each hunter has the opportunity to choose not only his wallet, but also depending on the tasks. You can start your activity with simple models, and only then, having gained the necessary experience, move on to more expensive ones. Let's consider them in more detail.

  1. "Pulsar". A very high-quality thermal imager, which is the desired goal of many hunters. This device is designed for hunting with aiming accuracy. It does not require a connection to a smartphone. Its speed is more than 15 frames per second. Range of visibility is up to 1550 meters. The cost of the device starts from 300 thousand rubles and rises to higher marks.
  2. "Flir". A very good model, which is distinguished by high-quality and attractive characteristics: a focusless lens, the presence of an exposure meter, and a multispectral shooting function. In addition, ease of operation and high quality of the image arriving on the screen are noted. The cost starts from 50 thousand rubles.
  3. Chinese models. Manufacturers from China offer relatively inexpensive thermal imagers. The price varies from 40 to 60 thousand rubles. Chinese models provide an opportunity to try hunting, but are not intended for too long distances. Some models connect to a smartphone.
  4. Budget models. Usually their cost does not exceed 20-30 thousand rubles. Budget models do not have such a wide viewing angle, they are designed for beginner hunters. But they can also be used if there is no other alternative. In any case, this is better than nothing at all.

DIY thermal imager

Many people care about this question: is it possible to make a thermal imager for hunting with your own hands? The fact is that not everyone can afford to spend money on an expensive thing. In the case when hunting is an exciting hobby, and not a profession, people want to save. At the same time, I do not want to miss anything important.

The principle of the thermal imager is quite complex. Therefore, without additional knowledge, it is hardly possible to make such a device with your own hands. You can make it yourself only if all the necessary materials are at hand. We need special optics that will transmit the image to the screen. For this purpose, you can take the finished system from the camera or camcorder.

How to use

Such a thing as a thermal imager must not only be carefully selected, but also correctly applied in their activities.

In order to "catch" an object in the field of view, you need to move the device for a while on the ground. If at a distance of one and a half km there are living creatures that emit heat, the device will detect this.

The thermal imager detects moving objects based on the energy emitted by them. The radiation intensity depends on the number of flashes. At the same time, it is worth noting that such emissions are completely safe for humans. In order for the device to serve for a long time and not break, it is necessary to adhere to some simple rules.

  1. When not in use, the lens must remain closed. Careful attitude will help to keep the device safe and sound for a long time. The lens should be regularly cleaned with a clean cloth slightly moistened with water to prevent dust particles from entering it.
  2. The thermal imager itself is most reasonable to wear in a special case or case. This is the only way to save him from falls, bumps and shaking. The device must be handled carefully. Do not leave a working device unattended. Careful use will save its working qualities for many years of active use.

Thus, the acquisition of a thermal imager fully justifies itself. This modern device is worth the money spent on it. With it, you can easily monitor animals, make amazing discoveries. All objects of interest will be displayed on the device’s screen, which means that the hunter will be able to easily control the events taking place. Using a thermal imager, you can make the process of studying the animal world more informative, exciting and interesting.

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