Guaranteed fire source - dry fuel

The need for a fire often arises among people who are fond of hiking and traveling. But there may be no trees nearby or the available wood will turn out to be damp. In this case, it is necessary to purchase dry fuel, which is flammable, burns from 5 to 30 minutes and is compact in transportation.

Dry fuel and its composition

Dry fuels have been known since 1860 thanks to the researcher chemist Butlerov. As a result of scientific work on the study of formaldehyde and ammonia, they isolated colorless crystals, called urotropin, which became the basis for the composition of the first dry fuel. Now, for ease of use, manufacturers mix the substance with a small amount of paraffin and compress it into cylindrical tablets. In this form, the product reaches the buyer. In everyday life, another term has spread - dry alcohol. However, the product is not related to alcohols.

On sale there is dry fuel in tablets based on other chemicals - metaldehyde and calcium acetate solvate.

Urotropin burns without ash formation. It is easily ignited by a match. The flame quickly goes out when the air supply is cut off by covering with a cap or cup. Damp tablets based on this substance, when burning, emit a crack and scatter sparks. In the process of combustion, metaldehyde forms carbon dioxide and water vapor when interacting with air. Therefore, it does not leave decay products. The solvate of calcium acetate in the reaction with ethyl alcohol hardens. The resulting mass is similar to soap. It can be cut into cubes and set on fire. After combustion of the substance, ash remains.

Advantages and disadvantages

The product is easy to use, flammable, has a small volume unlike other fuels. Compact and appreciated by lovers of hiking. It takes up little space in the backpack, easy to carry.

With a small volume, it is a rather powerful source of thermal energy. Dry fuel can heat food and boil water. It can be used as ignition for a fire. Does not lose its properties even in a damp state.

Dry fuel indispensable helper on a camping trip

Among the disadvantages include the cost of dry fuel and the inability to control the strength of the flame. The amount of heat generated is constantly the same. To cook soup or porridge, the tablet does not have enough power. In addition, the fire is flimsy, sensitive. Fades away with minor gusts of wind. Therefore, the use of fuel requires the construction of wind barriers.

Dry fuel, made on the basis of urotropine during combustion, emits corrosive substances: formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia.

The toxicity of substances is not high when distributed in the open air. However, do not specifically inhale the smoke generated by burning the tablet. Metaldehyde can only be harmful if swallowed. The decay product of calcium acetate is hall. She is safe.

Types of dry fuel

The product market is represented by trademarks of Russian and foreign manufacturers. Hardware stores, pavilions, online kiosks offer the buyer a wide variety of dry fuel, each of which has distinctive features.


Result Group of Companies sells dry fuel Pathfinder. The products delivered to the consumer pass a series of mandatory tests, are manufactured on high-tech equipment with the participation of chemists. It is intended for outdoor enthusiasts on the outskirts of civilization, for fishermen and hunters, gardeners and vacationers in the country.

Dry Fuel Tracker

 The manufacturer suggests using pelletized fuel for igniting a fire, barbecue, stoves and for an independent heat source.

The weight of one tablet is 15 g. (+/- 4). The combustion temperature is 900 C. The combustion period is 10-12 minutes. Each tablet is protected by a compact sealed package. It is convenient to use, since when opening the general package, unused tablets are protected from moisture, will not collapse, retain their shape and do not lose combustible properties. The pronounced pungent odor characteristic of dry fuel does not spread into the environment.

Dry fuel Esbit

Esbit tablet dry fuel is packaged in 4 pieces in waterproof plastic sections. 4 sections are stacked in a cardboard box of small dimensions. Box weight 88 g. Compactness allows you to place it in a small backpack or pocket outerwear. Plastic sections provide protection against moisture. Subject to storage conditions, the fuel does not have an expiration date.

Dry fuel Esbit

The weight of one tablet is 5 g. It is capable of generating enough heat to warm a portion of food not exceeding 250 g. For the heating of large volumes or boiling water, the simultaneous use of 4 tablets is recommended. Fuel is highly safe - when fired up and burning does not emit hazardous substances, smoke, sparks.

How to make dry fuel at home?

Buying fuel in the store is ideal. However, not everyone is available due to the high cost. An alternative in this case is the manufacture of dry fuel with your own hands.

In the first case, you need 100 grams of biofuel - gasoline. 1 kg of foam (you can use the remaining packaging of household appliances). Metal container with a diameter at the base of 15 cm and a depth of 5 cm. Wooden stick for stirring.

Stages of preparation:

  • gasoline is poured into the container;
  • polystyrene is crushed into pieces by hands (the volume of polystyrene should correspond to the volume of gasoline);
  • connect the components;
  • 15 minutes, the mixture is slowly stirred with a stick.

Gasoline corrodes foam. A mass is formed by the consistency similar to a cool kneading dough, easily taken in any shape. The finished substance is rolled up into a ball, wrapped in plastic bags. As necessary, you need to pinch off the required amount of fuel and use as intended.

The second option for manufacturing dry fuel at home will require: cotton pads, paraffin, a metal container (tin can) and tweezers.

DIY dry fuel making
  1. In a tin can, over low heat melt 20 g of paraffin. Remove from heat.
  2. Three cotton pads stacked with tweezers.
  3. Wadded disks are dipped in unrefined paraffin and held for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Soak the soaked discs to dry.

The burning time of 1 paraffin tablet is 10 minutes.

Consider how to make dry fuel from urotropine at home.

  1. An enameled pan with a capacity of not more than 5 liters is put in a bowl of cold water.
  2. Pour into a container 100 g of formalin.
  3. In a thin stream, 1 liter of ammonia is added portionwise to formalin.
  4. Stir the ingredients, close the lid and leave alone for a day.

The procedure is done outdoors. A chemical reaction that takes place when mixed emits toxic fumes.

After a day, the contents of the pan were evaporated in a water bath until crystals were obtained. The substance resulting from the work of a home chemist is that same urotropin. It can be used in powder form or triturated with paraffin and form tablets.

Do-it-yourself fuel is recommended to be stored in packaged form out of the reach of children, away from open flame. The temperature in the room should not exceed + 15C.

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