The best flashlight for hunting: selection criteria and popular models

The amount of booty brought directly depends on the skill and completeness of the equipment, and in this aspect, the under-barrel flashlight for hunting is considered indispensable: a correctly selected device contributes to effective aimed shooting in night conditions. Options designed for smooth-bore guns are in demand for bird hunting, small and large animals (wild boars, moose).

What is an underbarrel hunting lamp?

Lighting devices of this class are functional additions to weapons during night hunting. The most popular models are 1000 lumens; their operational characteristics are enough for most tasks. Professionals who prefer to collect under-barrel lights for hunting with their own hands note that such hunting equipment has a standard weight, dimensions, and diameter. In particular, the inch flashlight is quickly fixed on the bracket, does not block the muzzle line. The device is attached to the barrel, in addition to the flashlight, the minimum equipment includes a mount - bracket.

The underbarrel flashlight is a functional addition to the weapon

To optimize the tracking process, it is worth taking care of the availability of additional accessories:

  • remote button, which enables the inclusion of equipment exactly from where it is most convenient for the hunter. The button is clamped - a beam comes out;
  • diffusers - color filters;
  • reinforced cover that protects expensive equipment from mechanical stress, contact with moisture.

Equipment can serve as a source of rays of blue, red, green spectrum. Light filters change depending on the type of prey to be hunted. A boar, for example, is frightened by the green light that hits it, but does not respond to red - the latter serves as excellent lighting when tracking this animal.

Criterias of choice

The key determining factor is considered to be the purpose of acquiring the device, and potential operating conditions must also be taken into account.


The average diameter does not exceed 25-35 mm, this is a universal class of equipment. The largest models can reach a diameter of 42 mm. To maintain the balance of the weapon, it is worth considering the total weight of the lighting device and bracket - 300 g is maximum allowed.

Moisture protection

This criterion is important for hunters who prefer ponds and marshy areas when hunting for wild birds and wild boars. The waterproof case is able to fully isolate equipment from contact with moisture, and you should not save on it.

Mounting Specifics

Even at the selection stage, you need to make sure that the mount of your favorite flashlight model is compatible with your smoothbore gun. It is important that the fixation is as tight as possible. Equipment that has a standard type of fastening - universal fixators has proven itself perfectly.

The characteristics of the brackets are determined by the specifics of smoothbore and rifled weapons. Narrow-profile double-barreled mounts adapted to the corresponding type of guns are also in demand.


The operational resource of the model depends on it. If strong recoil occurs during firing, there is a high risk of damage to the flashlight. In order to minimize the chances of failure, it is worthwhile to consider products in an aluminum alloy-based housing as a priority, as they are the most durable. Under-barrel lights can also be used in manual mode, so when buying you should make sure that they have a non-slip surface that is scratch-resistant, do not collapse from falling from a height of 1-1.5 m.

Light beam parameters

In this aspect, the range and brightness of the radiation matter. A productivity of 1000 lumens means that the device will illuminate the space for about 200-350 m, which, in particular, is used during hunting for wild boars. With a decrease in the power of the supplied energy, the brightness will decline.

Battery Life

When deciding which underbarrel flashlight to choose for hunting, the pros are repelled by the duration of the device from one battery charge. It is desirable that at a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, the device could function for more than 1.5 hours. Outfit for a long night outing without fail includes several replaceable power supplies.

Focus lens

High-quality equipment should not give out a blurry light beam, the reflection should be bright, clear. This characteristic is in the competence of the focusing lens, and the better it is, the higher the range of the device.

Assembly and delivery specifics

When examining the models, it is worth examining the build quality - make sure there are no gaps in the joints, offsets, loose fixation of the elements. The best under-barrel lights are sold complete with a cover intended for transportation, instructions and spare power supplies, bracket.

Classification of underbarrel flashlights

It is customary to group models into 2 types - spotlights and long-range devices.

The first are usually based on 3 or more LED lamps. Equipment contributes to a comfortable and quick movement over rough terrain, wooded areas, with its help it is easy to keep the side spaces in sight. Floodlight type lamps have a significant drawback: if used at maximum power, they overheat, consume a lot of energy.

Long-range models emit a wide light beam, they are convenient for dynamic tracking of prey. Lighting a vast area, they in no way interfere with targeted shooting. The basis of such hunting lights is laid one LED with a deep reflector, due to which a narrow, powerful beam is generated.

Demanded examples of long-range lamps

Klarus XT11GT is one of the most powerful devices used during hunting. This tactical underbarrel flashlight is complemented by a patented system that ensures the functioning of the beam without holding the remote button. The performance of the XH-P35HD LED reaches 2,000 lumens with a range of 350-400 m. 6 operating modes help to adapt to any hunting conditions.

The package includes a battery with a capacity of 3100 mA / h, the charging port is reinforced with a special rubber plug, a charge indication signals the remaining operating time. The equipment has a random activation blocker. The case is made of aircraft grade third hardness aluminum.

Klarus XT 11 GT underbarrel

Acebeam T21 provides high-intensity luminous flux, the model is designed for use in difficult weather conditions, extreme situations, it withstands strong recoil when shooting. The operating life of the LED 1500 lumens is 5 years, the lens is made of enlightened glass. The reason for the high demand for the device is a record range of up to 1050 m.

The device is protected from overheating, provides an instant appearance of the beam thanks to the tactical button. The user has 6 modes of operation. The case is waterproof, withstands falling from a height of human growth. The weight of the lamp is 300 g.

Flashlight Acebeam T21

Fenix ​​TK32 2016 operates on the basis of white, red and green LEDs. The increased diameter provides a range of up to 422 m. The light intensity and its color are controlled by two end buttons. There are 7 brightness options, there is a low voltage indicator - a signal about the need to replace the battery.

The device can be used with a remote button Phoenix AER-03. The aircraft aluminum housing is anodized. It is important that the development of a waterproof model involved American military standards.

Barrel flashlight Fenix ​​TK 32 2016


Surefire M3LT-S is based on 4 LED lamps with 2 adjustable brightness modes. Mounted on a weapon with a bracket, has a reinforced aluminum case. The device weighs 309 g, produces a beam of light, the intensity of which does not depend on the battery level. The device is convenient for use on rough terrain, ergonomic design contributes to a quick response to changing external conditions. Its special coating prevents scratches.

Surefire underbarrel

POS-3 is a protected optical module that does not respond to gun recoil. The lens is made of special glass, which maintains its transparency in operating conditions complicated by wind and precipitation. The built-in bracket allows you to install a spotlight on 12-gauge guns. The device can function either continuously or in tactical mode using a remote button. A 500 lumen lamp produces a beam with a range of 200-350 m. The model weighs 350 g, on average, the charge lasts for 1 hour.

The headlight "Boar" operates on the basis of a quartz halogen light source, the lamp generates a stream of yellow spectrum, optimal for tracking in light fog. The model in a shockproof case weighs 400 g, interchangeable mounts require fixing on smooth-bore weapons 12, 16 caliber. The range reaches 200 m, a uniform luminous flux is formed at the output. A charge indicator is provided. Adjustment screws facilitate lamp setup.

Really effective under-barrel lights are sold in the high price segment. Budget models of equipment do not have the proper level of protection against mechanical stress and contact with moisture. Their only possibility of application is as a temporary solution necessary to specify operational needs.

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