How to choose a watch for hunting and fishing?

Fishing and hunting will be even more fun if you have the right equipment. We can’t even talk about weapons, tackle, and other necessary equipment - this is already understandable. But also many do not forget about hours for hunting and fishing. This thing is really important and useful. How not to make a mistake when choosing?

How to choose

No matter what hobby you are interested in - fishing, classic hunting or underwater. The opportunity at any time to find out the time is very useful. Even in extreme conditions, the watch should first of all fulfill the main function. But still, the clock that you take with you to the river, to the forest or lake is very different from the usual ones that you can wear when you go to work in the office. What mandatory characteristics should they have? We will study them in more detail.


Let's start with the simplest mechanism. Here, experienced lovers of an active lifestyle without hesitation give the palm to ordinary quartz watches. Not electronic or mechanical with a manual charge. Why so? There are a number of important reasons for this.

To begin with, electronic devices are not so reliable - a complex device increases the risk of breakdown. But still, they are the most multifunctional - they can have a huge number of useful additional functions. Therefore, some make concessions, preferring them.

But mechanical ones should definitely be discarded. First of all, due to the fact that they need to be constantly started. It is difficult to keep track of this rule when in the morning you are full of excitement, you are in a hurry to grab a fishing rod or a gun as soon as possible to go for prey, and in the evening you will fall down from fatigue. And having forgotten to start the watch once, there is a risk that you simply cannot set the time correctly - do not carry an alarm clock with you for this.

In addition, over the years of operation and a permanent plant, the tightness of the housing is reduced. Moisture may get into the mechanism, resulting in damage.

Quartz is reliable, simple, and does not require special care. Alas, they are not as versatile as electronic ones. Therefore, here choose for yourself what important qualities your new watch should have for tourism and hunting - reliability or multifunctionality.

Quartz watches are reliable, simple, do not require special care.

Impact resistance

No matter what mechanism you choose, the watch must be shockproof. Sitting in the office while working with a computer and drinking coffee is one thing, and running around the woods, wandering waist-high in water, walking tens of kilometers on rocks is one thing — the risk of dropping a watch or simply hitting it on a solid object increases dramatically.

Therefore, when buying, be sure to make sure that the watch can endure tremors, falls, shaking and other unpleasant factors that accompany an active lifestyle without harm to itself.

Moisture resistant

Everything is clear here - in the forest or on the river there is always a risk that the clock will get wet. Of course, in the first place, this can be said about watches for spearfishing and fishing, but not only. In many regions of our country there is increased humidity. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to drop the watch into water - if it does not have moisture resistance, then even moisture from the air may well disable it.

This is especially true for electronic watches - due to humidity, microcircuits can oxidize and the device will fail. To prevent this from happening, be sure to ask your consultant if the watch has this important property.

Well, if you need a watch for spearfishing, then at the same time find out - to what depth, without harm to the mechanism, you can immerse them.

Scratch resistant

Another very obvious factor. No matter how carefully you handle the watch, there is always the risk of damaging it. And glass is the most fragile element. Even the usual friction on tough clothes may well lead to the fact that over time it will become covered with scratches. Yes, this will not affect the functionality and accuracy - the watch for hunting will effectively cope with its duties. However, the appearance will deteriorate even after the appearance of the first crack.

Fortunately, manufacturers of watches for an active lifestyle are well aware of this. Therefore, in the manufacture of high-quality models, a special tempered glass is used - it is difficult to scratch it, even purposefully, using a nail or knife. Such a purchase can definitely be called successful.

Exterior design

Someone, having heard about the design, only grunts contemptuously, considering that this is the tenth case and is absolutely not important for people who are fond of such courageous hobbies as hunting and fishing.

However, this is actually not the case. After all, a quality design provides not only an attractive appearance, but also the usual practicality, ease of use.

What should you pay attention to? First of all, the minimum number of protruding faces. They really get in the way. They cling to a pocket, making it difficult to quickly pull out a hand, fishing lines are often wound around the protrusions, which is why an important bite moment can be missed, while moving through the bushes a small branch may well catch on to them. In a word, there should be as few protrusions as possible. It is clear that one cannot do without them, especially if the conversation is about quartz watches. But in this case, the existing ones should be as smooth as possible, rounded. This not only makes the watch more attractive, but also significantly increases the level of comfort of use.

Additional functions

Of course, the main function of any device, whether it be a watch for spearfishing or tourism, is the correct indication of the time. However, modern models can boast much more functionality. Moreover, for some fishermen and hunters these functions are even more important than time. Therefore, it will be useful to talk more about them.

Useful extras for anglers

One of the most important functions that some watches for anglers are equipped with is a barometer. Why is it needed? Experienced fishermen know the answer to this question.

Fish reacts even more to pressure drops than hypertonics. A sharp increase or drop in pressure leads to the fact that she begins to feel bad - at this time the fish is in the backwaters or in a weak course and practically does not feed. Whatever bait is used by an experienced angler, it will not be possible to seduce her. Therefore, fishing with pressure drops is almost always doomed to failure. And a smart watch will tell you, remembering this figure in recent days.

Clock for the fisherman with a barometer

Some models are also equipped with an echo sounder. Yes, by immersing the watch in water, the fisherman will know the features of the relief in a particular place. Of course, the accuracy and functionality of the echo sounder in the watch is significantly inferior to the classic, but nevertheless it will be able to indicate the presence of deep places where the fish can be, and this is already half the success.

Watches for spearfishing often monitor how deep you dive, how many times you dive in a day, how much time has passed since your last dive. Of course, they must be of high strength, withstanding particularly high pressure. True, because of this, their price increases significantly. Watches for spearfishing with a depth gauge are also common. Needless to say - the functions are very useful.

Spearfishing watch

What will help hunters

The functionality of modern hunting watches is just off scale. Many of them are equipped with a compass and a thermometer - it’s very convenient, you can not only easily navigate in space, but also find out how animals will behave actively.

Well, the best watches for hunting also have a built-in video camera with a camera. Yes, the quality of videos and pictures will be much worse than using special equipment, but such a watch will allow you to capture yourself with a rich trophy.

Review of the best models

Now we list a few successful models that will definitely not disappoint the owner.

Casio Fishing Gear Series

Casio AW-82

Affordable and high-quality watches from the Casio AW-82 line for fishermen are also perfect for hunters. The watch case is made of plastic, which makes them light, warm at any time of the year and shockproof. The bracelet is made of stainless steel. The watch has good water resistance, you can’t dive in it, but you can swim and wet during fishing without fear.

Of the additional functions there is a stopwatch, a countdown timer, a second time zone, a moon phase indicator and 3 alarms.

Hama H-106915 - an inexpensive electronic watch that will appeal to any angler

Hama h-106915

Inexpensive electronic watch that will appeal to any angler. The rubber strap is not afraid of either heat or cold. Impact resistant plastic eliminates the possibility of damage to the housing. There is a chronometer, barometer, calendar and thermometer. Based on the available data, the watch will even give a fairly accurate weather forecast. One minus is mineral glass, which can cause scratches on the surface.

Watches Suunto Vector will be a good choice for the hunter

Suunto vector

This model will be a good choice for the hunter. They cost not as cheap as we would like, but the price is quite reasonable. With small dimensions, they have good functionality. There is a barometer, compass and altimeter. You can also set three alarms so you don’t miss an important time. But diving into them is not desirable - their moisture resistance is relatively low.

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