Which fish likes the smell of garlic?

Fishing can be arbitrarily called a separate world. It has its own laws and regulations, compliance with which will lead to a rich catch, and failure to do so will leave you with nothing. The addition of aromatic additives to the bait and bait, and in particular garlic, helps to activate the bite and keep the fish in a well-fed place. But before you cook a treat, you should figure out which particular fish likes the smell of garlic and will gladly respond to it.

Fish species that prefer garlic odor

Garlic is often used as a fish bait, and experienced anglers know how and where to apply it correctly. Mostly garlic dishes are prepared when they plan to fish on a feeder or float tackle. It is not clear why the inhabitants of reservoirs love this plant culture so much, but the fact remains.

Fish that do not mind eating garlic are:

  • Crucian carp is one of the main garlic gourmets. This fish is generally distinguished by special addictions in food. For "crucian" all "folk lures", for example kerosene and yogurt, are suitable. Garlic will work especially well in cold water;
  • carp - like its closest relative - crucian carp, prefers spices, and garlic is one of the first on the list. In bait it is added in large quantities and this does not deter the carp in any way;
  • bream - prefers garlic at the beginning of the season, but then you need to think about a different flavor;
  • roach - pecking on garlic mainly with the advent of spring;
  • carp - prefers garlic, but in a small amount and mixed with other flavors.
Crucian as the main garlic gourmet

To improve the quality of the bite, it is not necessary to use garlic as the only component. For example, for carp it can be combined with fennel, dill or thyme. In warm water, he will peck on a mixture of garlic with honey or vanilla. For cold water, it is better to choose an “animal” combination: crab, shrimp, mussel, etc. In addition to the fish described above, trout, rudd, and even perch are also caught in garlic.

Making garlic bait yourself

There are a lot of options for cooking garlic dishes. It is added everywhere and in any form:

  • as a powder in a dough;
  • both fresh and in the form of powder are mixed in the bread crumb;
  • add garlic oil to porridge from semolina or peas;
  • you can “scent” worms with garlic perfumes;
  • grate the foam balls with fresh garlic.

In pure form they rub maggots or worms, after chopping the spice on a fine grater.

It is only important to do this before hook bait attachment. Leaving the animals in garlic for the night, in the morning you will see their corpses.

Of course, you can go to the fishing store and buy a garlic supplement in the form in which the soul desires. But a more economical and profitable option is to add fresh garlic to fish bait at home. After all, if it does not grow in its own garden, then it is for sure sold in a supermarket and costs a penny.

Cooking garlic oil

For the preparation of garlic oil for fishing, it is recommended to use odorless vegetable or olive oil, but unrefined sunflower oil can add a touch of piquancy to the dish. Garlic is pre-rubbed very finely or rubbed. Try to make it as small as possible and then the fish bait will cook faster. The prepared spice is laid in oil. By the same principle, you can make oil with garlic powder.

There is another quicker way to cook garlic oil. To do this, heat the oil almost to the boiling point. If the liquid began to splatter, then the required temperature has been reached. Garlic in any form is added and cooked for several minutes. The prepared mixture will have a slightly different smell, but the fish still like it.

Garlic oil

The beauty of garlic oil is that it can be dosed in bait mixtures in any desired quantity. It is combined with menthol, vanilla, dill oil, etc. Thus, through trial and error, an effective bait is selected that is suitable for a certain type of fish in a particular reservoir.

Options for fishing for garlic

Even if you are not a cook, preparing fish bait is not difficult. The easiest dish is the dough. Add garlic to the bait, based on the following proportion: for 200 g of dough - 0.5 tsp. grated garlic, or 200 g of dough - 1 tbsp. l sublimated. In order for the bait to hold firmly on the hook, the consistency of the dough should be quite steep. Below are some recipes you can cook for fishing.

With cornmeal

For cooking, you will need the following components:

  • powdered milk;
  • semolina;
  • corn flour;
  • soy flour;
  • sifted fine cake.

All ingredients are mixed in a ratio of 2: 3: 2: 1: 2 to a homogeneous mass. For 0.5 kg of the mixture add a tablespoon of dried garlic. If freshly grated garlic is taken, then a teaspoon will be enough. It is pre-mixed with a dozen chicken eggs and then combined with dry ingredients. For the first version, eggs are added to the finished mixture. Wanting to give the bait color, you need to purchase food coloring. The dough is divided into the desired number of parts and each is painted in a specific color. Form balls of 1, -1.5 cm in diameter and wrap them in polyethylene.

Semolina and garlic

A dish with semolina also gives a good catch result. He will need cereal and garlic. The porridge is brewed steep enough so that balls can be formed from it. Transferred garlic is added to the finished still hot semolina, mixed well and left until morning. Before fishing, balls are formed from porridge or simply hooked into small pieces on a hook.

Just garlic

When fishing for crucian carp, you can not really try to cook. In a spring snap put a whole clove of garlic. To enhance the aroma, small incisions are made on it with a knife or scratched with a needle.

Foam balls in oil

Purchased foam balls with fluorescent properties are soaked in garlic oil or spread in a bowl with grated garlic.

You can catch crucian for a whole clove of garlic.

Don't be limited to just one type of bait and bait. It is better to prepare several options at once and apply them depending on the situation.

Pros and Cons of Home Bait

If we talk about garlic bait for fishing, then there are more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, it is available. Even if you do not have fresh garlic, then purchased options will not cost too much. Secondly, the variations on the theme “Garlic as bait” are more than enough: both independent use, and in combination with other components, in dry and fresh form, with the addition of inside or as a coating. Seasoning is universal. Garlic is used both as bait and as bait. Even with the fingers with which you just knead the garlic, you can rub the nozzle and there will already be an effect.

Among the shortcomings, one can distinguish only that garlic works better in cold water, so do not rely on it in pure form in warm ponds. Another spice feature is the smell. It is just attractive for fish, but for others it may seem unpleasant. But if this does not bother you, then garlic, like bait, will help to achieve a rich catch and good mood.

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