How to get a hunting ticket in Russia?

Millions of men in Russia are keen on hunting. Someone chooses an elk or a wild boar as prey. Others like to hunt down a hare, beat a bird. But in any case, you need to know how to get a hunting ticket. After all, hunting without it is considered poaching, for which a serious punishment is provided.

What is the hunting ticket for?

A hunting ticket is a document that allows Russian citizens to hunt wild animals and birds in designated areas for this, within the time period specified by law. It is made according to the model established by the state and is equipped with an individual number.

Also, having this document in hand, the owner of the weapon can safely transport it without causing unnecessary questions from law enforcement officers.

The presence of a hunting ticket allows the free transportation of weapons for hunting

If you receive it in a timely manner, before buying a firearm, this can significantly speed up the process of obtaining a new permit. The ticket is a confirmation that the owner possesses the technique of safe possession of firearms, as well as knowledge of the rules of hunting and the use of weapons.

In addition, if you, owning smoothbore weapons, plan to also purchase rifled in the future. In our country, only people with a possession of weapons of 5 years or more can do this.

Another nice innovation - before the ticket was valid for only five years. After this period, the hunter had to submit an application again, go through doctors, pass an examination for knowledge of the hunting minimum, and pay the appropriate fees. But in 2017, certain concessions were taken - the received hunting ticket no longer has limitations on the validity period. That is, having received it once, you can use it all your life.

Therefore, it’s definitely worth spending a few days to get a hunting ticket.

What does a hunting ticket look like?

Paperwork is as simple as possible. Solid green cover with the image of the flag of Russia - well-known to all two-headed eagle. In the center is the inscription “Russian Federation”, and right below it is “Hunting Ticket”.

Hunting ticket

It consists of only four sheets. It contains information about the owner (photo, full name, signature). It is also indicated when and by whom this document was issued.

Going on a hunt, you need to have with you not only a hunting ticket, but also a license to carry weapons and a permit (ticket) to catch game birds and animals. If hunting will be conducted on licensed animals and birds, there should also be a one-time registered license with the hunter.

Recipient Requirements

Every citizen of Russia who meets the following requirements can issue a hunting ticket:

  • Age from 18 years.
  • Indicated reliable data in the documents.
  • Having studied and successfully passed the test according to the requirements of the hunting minimum (rules for single and group hunting, handling of weapons, hunting of animals and birds).
  • Providing all the necessary documents.
  • Having permanent or temporary registration at the place of circulation.

As you can see, almost every conscious citizen of Russia can get a document that allows him to hunt for various prey.

Some employees of hunting communities also require a certificate of criminal record. This requirement can be safely ignored - they must send a request themselves to make sure that the future hunter does not have problems with the law.

How and where to get a hunting ticket for the first time

Alas, not all people who want to become addicted to this wonderful hobby know how to get a hunting ticket for the first time - because of this there are legends about extremely harsh weapons legislation, although it is much milder than in most countries of the world.

Sample Hunting Ticket

It's 2019, so it’s easiest to get a hunting ticket through the services provided by the MFC. But you can also get the document using the State Service website or by visiting the department of the nature management committee at the place of permanent or temporary residence.

The application can be sent by mail or submitted in person. Regardless of this, the following documents must be collected and attached to the application:

  • The filled in form of the established sample.
  • Copy of the passport.
  • Two color or black and white photographs measuring 35x45 millimeters. The face should be turned strictly in front. Headgear is missing. Hair does not cover the face.

If you decide to get a hunting ticket for the first time at the MFC, the employee will check all the collected documents, check a copy of the passport with the original and pick up the package of collected documents, giving a receipt in return. It contains a number, using which you can check whether the hunting ticket is ready or not.

It usually takes five business days to get a hunting ticket through the Multifunctional Center for Public Services. But keep in mind that weekends can also get here. Therefore, most often the document will be ready 10 days after the filing of the documents - of course, if these days do not fall on long holidays combined with weekends.

Refusal to get a hunting ticket

Sometimes a potential hunter is faced with a refusal - a hunting ticket is not issued. This may have legitimate reasons. First of all, in the following cases:

  • There is an outstanding conviction.
  • The hunting minimum has not been thoroughly studied.
  • mistakes were made during the preparation of the application.
  • The applicant is registered with the drug dispensary.
  • The applicant does not have temporary or permanent registration at the place of circulation.

If the applicant does not fall into any of these categories, but he has been refused the issuance of a hunting ticket, this may cause serious further proceedings. However, this is extremely rare.

Extending and replacing a hunting ticket

As mentioned above, in recent years, the extension of the hunting ticket has ceased to be relevant - it has become life-long if no violations have been noticed by the hunter.

But the replacement process is quite relevant. It is necessary to resort to it in the following cases:

  • Replacing a passport.
  • Loss of a hunting ticket.
  • Acquisition of a bad form by a document.

In any of these situations, the replacement process is similar to the procedure for obtaining it. Knowing how and where to get a hunting ticket, you can cope with this task quickly and easily.

You can use the services of the Environmental Management Committee or the Multifunctional Center.

If you changed your permanent place of residence, then you do not need to replace the document - just re-register it.

The easiest way to do this is by visiting the local branch of the OOIR (Society of Hunters and Fishers) - the procedure usually takes a few minutes.

It is more difficult if the ticket was lost or stolen. You will have to not only write a statement to the OOIR, but also reassemble the full package of documents listed above. After five business days, you will be issued a new document.

Ticket withdrawal option

Unfortunately, in some cases, the owner of a hunting ticket may be deprived of the coveted document. This happens for several reasons:

  • The adoption of an appropriate judicial decision.
  • Initiation of a criminal case against the owner of the document.
  • When applying for cancellation of a hunting ticket by the owner.

However, you should not get upset and panic ahead of time. The ticket can be restored. But not at once.

First, it takes five days to annul the document - the same organization that issued it does it. In a month, all information about the intruder will be deleted from the registry.

If the criminal case was successfully closed, then a month after deleting the data from the registry, the hunter can return the ticket again. However, no one will delete the mark on his seizure.

So that is all. Now you know how to get a hunting ticket through the MFC, what documents you may need, as well as situations in which a useful document can be canceled. So, nothing stands between you and the treasured hunting ticket.

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