Where to remove garbage in the forest: useful life hacks

The question of where to put the garbage in the forest after a picnic is still relevant today. It is not necessary to take it with you, the problem can be solved on the spot with the help of improvised means.

Garbage after outdoor activities

Going on a hike that lasts not a single day, there are still long crossings and stops, the generated waste is not to be worn by anyone, where to put it becomes incomprehensible. If you look, it is quite possible to minimize garbage.

If you are going to use reusable containers in the forest, pack the products not in plastic bags, but paper ones, which are used for making a fire. This is called a culture of relaxation, which you need to learn for yourself and teach your children.

As a result, long hikes, camping, romance, will not be disturbed by the buzzing of flies eating the remains of a feast scattered in a clearing and attracting animals.

It is impossible to bury, especially burn plastic bottles, plastic bags, due to the fact that plastic is toxic and is a good combustible material that can easily provoke a fire in the forest. Therefore, we pack all the inorganics in packages, we take them with us.

Waste classification and disposal problems

Each type of garbage has its own structure with a different decomposition period.

The waste is toxic, harmless garbage does not happen, any carries a lot of problems to all living things, they are classified into the following groups:


Organics in the process of decay emits an unpleasant odor, being a source of reproduction of various bacteria that have a harmful effect on flora and fauna.

Scattered food waste attracts unwanted guests

Scattered food waste attract unwanted guests, which can become a great danger to tourists, and rotting animals become poisonous.


Such wastes do not decompose for a long time, littering nature and forming a certain thermocap at the place of contact with the earth, which leaves wounds on the earth that recover for a long time, causing the formation of ravines, the main enemies of the forest.

By digging inorganic waste, the problem of disposal is not solved, and even more damage is caused to the whole ecosystem due to the long decomposition and release of toxic substances into soil, water and air. The only way out is landfill.

Disposal Methods

To avoid the damaging effects on the environment, and rest involves a long time, you can do the following:

Paper trash

Paper, cardboard, bio-packaging can very well be placed in a bonfire and burned without harming others. So that the wind does not spread the ashes in open areas, but for safety, it is better to sprinkle the place from the campfire with earth, so that the green cover is restored faster.

Food waste

As you do not try to be extremely careful, there are always cleanings and leftovers. These are organic waste that quickly decomposes in nature. Under the shrubbery, it is necessary to carefully remove the sod, dig a hole and place all the food leftovers there, bury it and also carefully return the sod pillow to its place. After which this place is well filled with water. Food for a short time rots, creating fertilizing for plants. The main thing is to free all waste from plastic bags otherwise all efforts will be in vain, and the plastic will again appear on the surface dug up by animals.

In the same way we do with waste products, digging in remoteness from the parking lot.

Leftover bread can be crumbled on a hemp or open glade

The remains of bread and cereals can be crumbled in a hemp or open glade, where there will always be forest inhabitants who want to feast on.

Metal waste

The cans are made of thin metal, which is quickly oxidized in air, especially when interacting with water, in order to maximize the decomposition process, it is necessary to get rid of the corrosion-resistant coating by placing them in a fire. After firing, the cans are easily amenable to deformation, flattening them with a stone, thereby reducing in volume, and we also bury them in the ground, like food waste. Banks will quickly oxidize when exposed to the atmosphere and will not cause harm.

Plastic products

Unfortunately, things are worse with plastic, it is better not to take such a package if possible, but if you still bring it with you, you will have to take it as well. It is not recommended to burn plastic, as it emits toxic gas during combustion, which can lead to poisoning.

Although the opinions are ambiguous and many are inclined to believe that gas is not toxic, of course, if we compare the exhaust from cars in a metropolis, burning plastic in a bonfire will seem the lesser of evils.

There is always a choice, but it is better to avoid such disposal and take out the garbage to the first garbage container.

Glass container

The glass does not burn, but it is decently deformed in the fire, after which the glass needs to be doused with water, it will become brittle that can be carefully crushed to a state of sand, you can’t apply any environmental problems and consequences, therefore this is the best solution for a heavy load. In no case do we just throw glass and, moreover, do not break it without preliminary treatment, it can cause deep wounds not only to people, but also to animals. In order not to bother with such a disposal, avoid such packaging whenever possible.

Glass decently deforms in a fire, after which the glass needs to be doused with water, it will become brittle and it can be neatly crushed

It is good to carry out these actions at each parking lot during cooking or spending the night, and not at the last moment, leaving fire in the fire.

In such simple ways you can get rid of a significant amount of garbage, and radically solving the problem with the environment.

Always remember! Garbage in the campaign turns into a real disaster, leaving less space for trees, flowers and animals. With a barbaric attitude to nature, man will not get it on earth.

When the culture of behavior on vacation rises, fires will cease to arise, destroying the still magnificent forest. Fewer plants will be listed in the Red Book, nature will begin to recover, returning animals and birds to its home.

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