How to get a lot of birch tar for free?

Birch tar will always find application in the economy. True, sometimes a lot of tar is needed, and buying in pharmacies with small bubbles is too expensive. It would be very convenient to make such tar on your own, but not everyone knows how to do it. This is where our article will help.

There are many birches in the forest, however, a healthy tree should not be destroyed. The trunks of fallen birches are also quite suitable. Rather, it’s not even the trunk that is suitable, but birch bark. She needs to be picked up as much as possible. By the way, birch bark from wood logs is also suitable, if you have stocks of firewood. Birch bark for tar is taken not with a thin (white) layer, but with a thick layer, along with the bark.

Next, you need to build a simple structure. You need to take an old unnecessary pan (because after collecting tar it can no longer be used for cooking), and bury it to the top. When digging, be careful that the earth does not fall into the pan. To do this, first we do not remove the lid, but remove it only after the pan is buried. The place where the pan will be buried needs to be chosen one that will allow to make a fire. This can be a summer cottage, or a plot in the courtyard of your own house, the main thing is that the fire does not threaten the buildings.

Then we need another unnecessary pan, tank or bucket, whose dimensions will be larger than the buried pan. At the bottom of this bucket (tank, pan), a hole is made and everything is set so that the hole is directly above the buried pan. In other words, in order to tar, which will be obtained as a result of burning birch bark, merged into the lower pan.

The entire birch bark should be folded into the upper container, then the upper pan or bucket should be covered with a lid, and for reliability, lay a brick on the lid. After that, the whole structure is lined with firewood and set on fire. You need to put enough firewood to “cover” the entire upper tank so that it is not visible. Firewood should not be too thin (dry branches) so that the fire does not burn too quickly - after all, birch bark in a container should turn into coal.

After the fire burns out, you should wait until the upper tank cools down. Only after this the construction is disassembled, and from the lower pan the resulting tar is poured into a jar.

If you fill a 10-12 liter tank to the very top with birch bark, then the result will be half a liter of magnificent birch tar.

By the way, already used birch bark turns into magnificent birch coals, which can be wonderfully used for cooking meat in the grill.

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