13 indispensable things for outdoor recreation

In the summer, one sometimes wants to break away from the bustle of the city and get out into the countryside, with barbecue and overnight. Is it just worth taking with you to be 100% ready for a weekend trip?

Folding barbecue or grill

Among the most important items, a barbecue or grill stands in one of the most important places. So a folding stainless steel grill must be taken with you.


For home use, one medium-sized grate is enough, it is universal in purpose, and it is much easier to clean one grate after a picnic.

Food thermometer

This miracle of technology makes it possible to control the cooking process with an accuracy of 1 10 degrees. Moreover, the result, in addition to the digital scoreboard, is voiced by the voice.


For a trip this is an indispensable thing. A set of 10 stainless steel skewers with wooden handles is a great addition to the arsenal of cooking appliances on fire.


Having an eternal source of fire with you is not a whim, but a necessity for a tourist. And although today there are many devices ranging from special matches to gas burners, the traditional flint is guaranteed to allow you to light a fire using grass, moss, bark.

Camping mug

For a trip, it is recommended to purchase not just a metal mug, but a special model made of titanium alloy. 450 ml lightweight container with a folding handle and a tight-fitting lid is an excellent solution for a tourist table set.


For a hike, you can certainly take a regular metal kettle. That's just comparable to hiking, he is unlikely to be able to. Lightweight, compact, with non-spill function and a wide bottom, such a kettle is the best alternative to bulky home cookware.

Folding tableware

A spoon, a fork, an ordinary knife, a can opener and an awl are a simple and convenient device with an ergonomic handle.


For spending the night in nature, a tent with a separate canopy and a mosquito net is a thing of prime importance. When choosing, it is better to focus on 3 or even 4 local options.

Sleeping bag

For summer holidays, it is enough that the bag withstands freezing to -5 degrees. But in shape it is better to choose blanket bags, with them both easier and more convenient.

Camping set

A small survival kit is an essential thing that will allow you to get out of the most difficult situation. Compass, multitool, thermal blanket and harness may be needed in the most unexpected situations.


A simple, convenient and reliable backpack with a capacity of up to 60 liters will allow you to transfer all the necessary equipment for a picnic or overnight.


A convenient multi-functional flashlight with many functions and a large battery charge allows you to provide lighting with a powerful beam of 500 meters, and if necessary, give an SOS signal.

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