When does a pike start zhor?

Fishermen have heard that many fish at different times experience zhor, but deep knowledge about this is often not enough. This behavior is not associated with its greed or excessive aggression. Due to natural circumstances, the fish have a natural desire to actively feed. Pike is a freshwater predator and a favorite trophy of all fishermen. The most famous is her zhor. A detailed review will help to learn more about this phenomenon of this river representative of predators.

What is pike zhor?

During zhora, pike is characterized by general behavior. The following features are characteristic of it:

  • Excessive sudden activity
  • Erratic choice in the object of eating
  • A large number of pikes in the entire pond
  • Hunting around the water
  • Flocking for hunting together

These factors allow you to catch a predator with any gear using a variety of types of lures. And most importantly, at this time you do not need to look for a pike. Its location is dispersed around the entire perimeter of the reservoir.

Interesting: in the period of zhora pike lacks everything indiscriminately. She can swallow everything that seems to her edible - a mouse, a frog, a bird and even plastic. She is also known for cannibalism.

When does pike have zhor?

During the year, pike is active 3 times. This happens strictly at the same time:

  • Before spawning
  • After spawning
  • Fall

In August, the once "calm" pike begins to move a little. This makes some fishermen think that she has zhor. But it is a mistake to think so. There is no pike zhora in the summer. Fluctuations in the temperature of the lower and upper layers of the water make the pike behave more actively. Such behavior of a predator could be called the threshold of the autumn zhor.

All 3 periods zhora pike behaves in a peculiar way. To understand exactly how to fish it is necessary to study in more detail the manner of its behavior in each individual season. In addition, you should find out what gear and bait are more effective for pike fishing.

How does a pike behave before spawning?

The pre-spawning period begins in early spring with the first ice melting. Meltwater enters the pond. This signals the inhabitants of the river about the approach of heat and arouses interest in them to move and eat.

Spring zhor is primarily due to the restoration of strength after the hungry winter cold, as well as the accumulation of nutrients before the upcoming breeding.

Important: you can not catch many pikes in the pre-spawning period. Otherwise, it will reduce their population.

Types of pike fishing in the spring

It is difficult to give an exact date for the beginning of the spring zhora. You should focus on the weather conditions of a particular year.

On some ponds, pike is excellent for catching on zerkhnitsa on the last ice. On the other hand, at the very beginning of the spring drop, you can fish for a good spinning. So, consider the 2 main types of pike fishing before spawning.

With the help of a vent

Zherlitsa called live bait gear. Its winter version consists of a twig, fishing line, a piece of bright-colored fabric. In some cases, a reel and holder are used for it, a fishing line, as well as a device with a flag for signaling a bite.

They install a girder, usually on top of the hole, but sometimes it is lowered into the water. Wells are made in places of spawning, where the fish instinctively rallies. As a rule, these are wide shallows of coastal areas. About 20 cm of water remains under the ice there. Pikes drive small fish there and eat them.

Attention: when fishing on a zerkliza, use bait fish with a thin body (perch, dace, gudgeon, etc.). Pike during this period is full of milk and caviar. This does not allow her to swallow widespread prey.


The first rims on the pond signal to spinning players that it is time to open the season. At this time, the zhor at the pike is in full swing. For fishing, a 210 cm long spinning is suitable here. As the reservoir opens, it will be possible to use gear for further casting.

In this case, spinning baits are also chosen small, and lures - with medium depth.

Features of pike fishing during the zhor after spawning

After spawning, pike will need a couple of weeks to restore the body. During this period, the second season of pike zhora begins. In duration, it is shorter than the first. However, fishing at this time is the most productive. The exhausted predator seeks to replenish the body with nutrients by all means.

Interesting: during spawning, the pike loses a large amount of energy, since it eats nothing.

In the short post-spawning period it is better to fish on a pike with a spinning reel. Some anglers also manage to catch successfully on a bait fishing rod. The problem is that it will not be easy to catch live bait. Indeed, in many small fish spawning is only beginning.

A variety of lures are used for spinning. Their choice depends primarily on the depth of the fishing spot. First, spinningists go around the former spawning grounds of pikes, and then move to deeper places of water bodies.

Autumn zhor pike

In autumn, the longest season of zhora in pike. It is believed that it begins in September. But in fact it turns out - at the end of October, although it depends on the weather. Autumn zhor lasts until ice appears in the water. The pike is preparing for winter, so it actively hunts.

The behavior of pike during this period is affected by weather conditions and other factors:

  1. The water temperature drops.
  2. Potential prey is scattered by anyone.
  3. Aquatic flora dies.

Pike have to leave the usual places of ambush and move around the perimeter of the reservoir to find something to profit from. Sometimes pikes like to hunt in packs.

For autumn pike fishing, do not skimp on big bait fish and high-quality baits. Pikes happily swallow everything that seems to them big and mouth-watering. During a zhor, pikes often stand two and three in one place. Therefore, after the capture of the first fish, this area should be well caught.

Zhor in pike is an important period of their life. And for fishermen, this is a long-awaited time for which they carefully prepare. It is not recommended to catch more than the norm. Small pike need to be released to let them grow.

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