How to learn to walk through the woods quietly - the huntsman’s story

The ability to move silently in the forest can save a person's life. The huntsman of one of the forests says that he perfectly mastered this art, and once a meeting with a bear allowed him to avoid meeting the beast face to face. From the story of the huntsman, it becomes clear that if he somehow betrayed his presence, the bear would not have left him alive.

Silence in the forest

For various reasons, people visit forests. Someone comes for a simple tourist walk, others are looking for mushrooms and berries, and still others want to look at animals in their natural habitat. If a person knows how to create silence in the forest, then such an activity can be not only safe, but also entertaining. You can easily fit into the environment and become part of nature.

On a note! To learn how to walk crazy through the forest, you should first learn to listen to nature. To do this, stop for a moment and listen to what the forest is whispering about. Impressions will surprise many: the forest is alive and he can talk.

What prevents to go unnoticed?

Even if a person has learned to walk silently through the forest, not all animals can be outwitted with this. Many forest dwellers have keen hearing and vision. They can sense the presence of a person on an emotional level. Therefore, it is worth taking care of special clothes. Also, the beast can identify an intruder by smell. For example, a bear’s sense of smell is several times better than a professional hound’s dog. To reduce your amber, you should take a shower without aromatic gels or wash with odorless soap.

On a note! It is worth paying attention to gusts of wind. This natural phenomenon is able to carry the smell a few hundred meters ahead, and the beast will feel the person for a mile.


It is necessary to pay attention to two main things: what surface a person steps on and how he does it. Even tourist clothing can make an inappropriate sound. Avoid dry leaves and small twigs that tend to crunch under your feet. Huntsmen often teach fox walkers to forest visitors. Go easily, making the main emphasis on the toe, and lower the entire foot slowly, practically without touching the ground.

If a person came into the field of view of an animal, then it is necessary to freeze and wait until something else draws the attention of the animal. Walking through the forest, choose the path that is as free as possible from vegetation and branches that can create additional vibrations and noises.

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