How to make a spoon from birch bark on a camping trip?

Even with a seasoned forester it happens that he leaves some things at home when he goes to the forest. It doesn’t matter if this is an insignificant thing, but when a spoon remains at home, and the trip is designed for several days, you can not do without such a device. However, you won’t even return home because of this.

If there is a knife in the backpack, then there is no problem, the spoon can easily be made from natural material.

It is easiest to make it from birch bark. In order to find birch bark, you need to search for already cut or felled birch (by the way, if there is birch firewood, they will do too) and cut a small palm-sized or a little square.

In such a square, it is necessary to trim the edges on one side to make the spoon a little rounded, and on the other hand, you need to make a small incision with a triangle. By an incision, the square bends slightly with a funnel, and a small bowl is obtained. So the spoon itself is ready. If the spoon turned out to be a bit plain, this will not ruin your appetite, it's okay.

The handle from the spoon can be built from any branch. A branch that is suitable in thickness is selected, and in the place of the log house with a knife, a splitting is made in it, where this bowl is inserted. The connection point is firmly attached by the branch itself, but if you need to fix it additionally, ordinary threads will do for this.

Such a spoon:

  • gets ready in minutes;
  • it can eat both dry and liquid food;
  • You can make spoons of different sizes;
  • even a novice will cope with the manufacture;
  • and most importantly, she does not burn her lips even with very hot food.

If time is enough, and you want to try yourself in the art of carving spoons from wood, you can make a real wooden spoon.

To do this, pick up a thick branch or log and chop it in half. Using coal, you need to draw the shape of the future spoon on half the branch. Using an ax, make the initial processing of the tree and give the future cutlery a rounded shape.

Next you need to make a deepening. The middle can simply be scraped off with a knife, or you can burn it out to make it easier to process. To do this, you need to press the burning log tightly to the place to be hollowed out. If you constantly blow into the fire and not let it go out, the billet itself will begin to smolder, which is what we need. After smoldering, the middle is scraped with a knife, and spoon handles are cut from the entire workpiece.

Here are two ways to make a spoon - one very simple, the other more complicated, but also more interesting. That is, in the woods without a spoon you will not be lost.

Watch the video: Bushcraft: Carving a Spoon and Spatula from Seasoned Birch and Camp Fire in the Rocky Mountains (April 2020).