List of camping items with tents

Going on a hike, especially on a long one, tourists take a lot of things with them. However, for a long time carrying a heavy backpack on itself, as a result, part of what was taken turns out to be absolutely unnecessary, and essential things are simply forgotten at home. To prevent this from happening for the trip, you should prepare in advance and put first things first.

Salapino porridge recipe for feeder

Salapino porridge for the feeder can be used as food and as the main bait. Its use almost always leads to a rich catch. At the same time, you can catch various fish from the carp family on salapino porridge, from crucian carp to bream. But in order to get a quality catch, you need to know from what and how to cook it correctly.

Wound Treatment

During the trip there is always a risk of getting one or another damage, injury to the surface of the skin. Proper treatment of the wound contributes to its speedy healing without the risk of blood poisoning, suppuration and infection. Of course, at the same time, it is advisable to have a minimum set of necessary funds in the first-aid kit for first aid in the event of wounds and abrasions, which relates to preliminary treatment.

How to get a hunting ticket in Russia?

Millions of men in Russia are keen on hunting. Someone chooses an elk or a wild boar as prey. Others like to hunt down a hare, beat a bird. But in any case, you need to know how to get a hunting ticket. After all, hunting without it is considered poaching, for which a serious punishment is provided. What is the hunting ticket for? A hunting ticket is a document that allows Russian citizens to hunt wild animals and birds in designated areas for this, within the time period specified by law.

How to navigate the stars

Each traveler can be caught in a moment when there is no compass or GPS at hand, and you need to move around at night in search of a suitable place to sleep, or in the desert, when comfortable movement is possible only at night. The moon is not always visible, but when such situations arise, you can navigate by the night luminaries, the trajectory of which is always the same.

North, South, West, East: Location

There are many ways to determine the cardinal points. Using a compass is the easiest one. But sometimes it happens that there is no compass at hand, or it is lost, broken. In this case, the location of the north, south, west and east can be found using other methods. North, south, west, east: the location on the map North on the map is always on top To find the cardinal directions on a map, you need to remember that, regardless of scale and purpose, north, south, west and east are always located the same way: the north side is always on top , southern bottom, western left, and eastern right.

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Rating of the best microjig spinning rods

The concept of microjig is a special fishing style, following which you can catch predatory fish in any body of water. However, to get the desired result, it is important to be able to choose the right gear. Spinning for microjig should not only be easy, but also meet certain requirements.

How to get water in the forest

Once in the forest under unforeseen circumstances, an unprepared person first of all needs to calm down and start looking for landmarks leading to civilization. This may take a long time, but the body will not survive without water for more than three days. Under the influence of other adverse factors, this period can be significantly reduced.

How to fix the float on the fishing line?

The float is an important part of fishing tackle, because it is with its help that the fisherman learns about the bite. But despite the external simplicity of the design and its fastening, the installation of a float requires special knowledge and skills. If they are not observed, the float will not perform its functions. Therefore, for each fisherman it is important to know where and how to fix the float on the fishing line.

Silks on birds - how to make a trap yourself

Cage trap The question of how to make a bird trap concerns not only travelers who find themselves in a difficult situation, for whom the purpose of the invention of the trap is to get food. This idea is also interesting to ornithologists who want to get an interesting copy for themselves. Depending on the type of bird, its habitat and terrain, there are different traps.

Hornet Bite: Consequences and First Aid

Hornet - a large hymenoptera insect of the family of the wasp. At the same time, hornets are much more poisonous than wasps and bees, besides, like with a wasp, its sting does not remain in the wound, that is, a hornet bite will not necessarily be single. Moreover, multiple bites are one of the characteristic features of these insects.

Mushroom picker: characteristics and types

A mushroom picker is as important as a weapon for a hunter. It will not only allow you to easily harvest without damaging the so-called mycorrhiza, which is responsible for the further propagation of mushrooms, but also useful when preparing dinner in the open air or for processing wood. The mushroom picker has its own specific requirements, so it is better to pay sufficient attention to this issue initially.

How to cook crayfish at the stake?

Traditionally, crayfish serve as an excellent snack for beer, from which you can prepare hot dishes and soups. And yes, all this can be done on a camping trip, cooking crayfish at the stake is simple and very tasty. Arthropods are boiled or fried on a wire rack, previously they can be marinated. How to choose the right crayfish?

How to attach a worm to a hook, nozzle rules depending on the type of fish

Every novice fisherman and already having considerable experience knows that one of the most suitable bait is a worm. This simple, at first glance, fish delicacy has its own characteristics, let's figure out how to put the worm on the hook correctly and which varieties are best used. Types of worms used for bait Before you go fishing and plant a worm, it will not be superfluous to figure out what they are like.

Penalties and criminal liability for illegal hunting 2018

Despite the careful protection of animals and the imposition of strict sanctions, there are craftsmen who act against the accepted order at their own risk. Russian law establishes fines for hunting. For individual acts of a person can be brought to administrative responsibility. In other cases, even criminal penalties are provided.

First aid for mushroom poisoning: action plan

Unfortunately, mushroom poisoning is not uncommon. It happens, as a rule, because of the inexperience of the people themselves, because far from all species are suitable for eating, and some may cause significant damage to health. First aid for mushroom poisoning is important information that all lovers need to know to harvest in the forest.

Scolopendra bite: dangerous or not?

Skolopendra is a prominent representative of the labipede centipedes. Their main habitat is tropical rainforests. But there are species that can be found in the southern parts of Russia and on the territory of Crimea. The largest representatives in these zones reach 15 cm in length. Scolopendra bite is an unpleasant phenomenon, but not deadly.

Jellyfish bite: symptoms, effects, first aid

Going to the sea, especially to non-CIS countries, remember that you can return home not only with joyful memories. In sea waters there are inhabitants, communication with which can lead to unpleasant consequences. A jellyfish bite is one of the most common results of such contact.