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How to wash a tourist backpack?

A real travel backpack is not easy to wash, because the choice of washing depends on several components. What is important is the type of material from which it is made, additional devices and functions. Often a tourist backpack is equipped with a variety of pockets, items. Not all of them are machine washable or hand washable.

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How to make a hunting knife: step by step instructions

Most hunters agree that, in addition to a gun, it is necessary to have a knife when hunting. Its purpose is very different: for cutting carcasses and protecting against the attack of the beast, for performing various chores - cutting firewood and branches, constructing a hut, cooking, making other tools and self-defense.

How to wash a tourist backpack?

A real travel backpack is not easy to wash, because the choice of washing depends on several components. What is important is the type of material from which it is made, additional devices and functions. Often a tourist backpack is equipped with a variety of pockets, items. Not all of them are machine washable or hand washable.

Electronic decoys for hunting: types, subtleties of choice and the best models

Electronic decoys for hunting first began to be used in the middle of the last century, they were hard-to-reach imported goods. Today, these devices are represented by hundreds of items from domestic and foreign brands, their key differences are the effectiveness and quality of performance. The essence and principle of operation of the device Manok is a compact hunting tool that can simulate the cries of animals and birds.

Army rations

A fighter’s nutrition should be high-calorie, rational, including all the necessary nutrients to maintain physical strength and endurance in the service. The ideal food for the soldier is fresh, hot food, but this is not always achievable. For field nutrition, an individual diet (IRP) is provided, which has a different name for army dry rations.

Hammock tent is the best choice for a tourist

People have known both the concept and the view of the hammock for a long time, but nothing stands still and moves transforming. So the hammock from a privileged garden attribute has turned into a light tourist structure, which is called a hammock tent. Technical characteristics A hammock tent is a piece of durable fabric equipped with rope joints, thanks to which it is attached between the trees.

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Clothing for hiking in the forest, classification and selection criteria

Preparation for the trip in the first place should begin with the selection of a wardrobe. There is only one rule here - clothes for going to the forest or mountains should be practical and comfortable, and then beautiful and stylish. The choice of tourist things is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and requires certain knowledge.

Wound Treatment

During the trip there is always a risk of getting one or another damage, injury to the surface of the skin. Proper treatment of the wound contributes to its speedy healing without the risk of blood poisoning, suppuration and infection. Of course, at the same time, it is advisable to have a minimum set of necessary funds in the first-aid kit for first aid in the event of wounds and abrasions, which relates to preliminary treatment.

First aid for mushroom poisoning: action plan

Unfortunately, mushroom poisoning is not uncommon. It happens, as a rule, because of the inexperience of the people themselves, because far from all species are suitable for eating, and some may cause significant damage to health. First aid for mushroom poisoning is important information that all lovers need to know to harvest in the forest.

Bear footprint

While in the wild, it is sometimes important to be able to determine the type of animal from its tracks left on snow or soft soil. This will help you find out which animals live in this area, how long they have passed and how far they can be from your location. This is necessary during hunting when tracking prey.

How to cook beaver

Many people know about beavers only that they build dams, because of which sometimes they leave the banks of the river, flooding entire villages. But not everyone knows how to cook a beaver. Most people do not even suspect how tasty and healthy its meat is. This knowledge gap will be useful to close.

5 most delicious recipes for cooking vegetables at the stake

If you want to cook vegetables at the stake, do not forget about the summer marinade with herbs: it will help to create a side dish or an independent dish of peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes with a spicy aftertaste and an ideal consistency. We offer interesting recipes that are easy to execute and perfect for a picnic in nature or relaxing in the country.

How to make a delicious pilaf in a cauldron at the stake

It is difficult to find a person who remains indifferent at the sight of a fragrant crumbly pilaf. This crown dish of oriental cuisine can saturate even the largest company at times. This is especially true for collective picnics and hiking. That is why, every lover of outdoor recreation should learn how to cook pilaf in a cauldron at the stake.

Overalls for hunting and fishing: the right choice

Even going to the forest for a couple of hours to collect mushrooms for roasting or berries on a jar of jam, people dress in a way that is convenient and safe. And during training camps for fishing or hunting, which imply not only a long stay in the fresh air at times in not very favorable weather conditions, but also active physical exercises, overalls for hunting and fishing go to an honorable second place, after rifles, ammunition, fishing rods, spinning rods and other necessary tools.

Hunter's vest: mission, types and making with your own hands

The hunter's vest is an integral part of the ammunition of almost any adherent of one of the oldest male occupations. Such popularity of this hunting attribute is explained by its multifunctionality, a wide variety of types and models (from a simple waistcoat bandoleer to a tactical unloading vest), the possibility of self-production.

How to learn to walk through the woods quietly - the huntsman’s story

The ability to move silently in the forest can save a person's life. The huntsman of one of the forests says that he perfectly mastered this art, and once a meeting with a bear allowed him to avoid meeting the beast face to face. From the story of the huntsman, it becomes clear that if he somehow betrayed his presence, the bear would not have left him alive.

How to make wood weapons

Being alone with nature, you have to survive, getting food with the help of improvised means. It’s good if you have cold steel or a hunting rifle with you. Once in a situation where there is neither one nor the other, you can make a weapon of wood with your own hands. Almost any weapon can be made of wood: a bow, a crossbow for hunting, a knife, a spear, a prison, a slingshot, an ax, and even a gun.

The 9 most popular types of dry fly flies

Knitting dry flies for fly fishing is increasingly gaining popularity. With their help, fishing becomes a gamble. Imitation of adult insects and bright colors on the water surface looks spectacular and this, of course, fish notice. Such flies are kept afloat due to the wings and tail, so during mating, these parts of the fly should be given special attention.